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This Service aim is to educate society on the spiritual dimension and how it affects our lives. We conduct research and convey knowledge about the spiritual dimension to help people understand it, advise those who are curious to experience it for themselves, and guide those who have intense desire for spiritual growth and God-realisation towards achieving their goal.

We dedicated to serve the knowledge of Vedic Astrology & Psychology to the common people. The beneficiary of this research work will be the whole mankind without any barricades of caste, creed or sex.

Our service is to help others through educating, teaching and providing full range spiritual services and resources. We believe that by helping others understand their personality traits, emotions, relationships and attractions, it will ultimately help them make better choices in their lives.

God gave us certain innate skills, talents, emotions and personality traits to face the world and understand our life mission or our soul’s purpose. When we understand this, we develop more control over ourselves and are better equipped to meet the challenges we face. The astrological chart is the map of the soul’s progress. We interpret this map and help guide clients in life matters such as finances, relationships, marriage, career, health, family issues, parenting and spiritual mission.

Awareness about the Astrological and Psychological concepts of Vedic Science is gaining momentum world over. In fact Vedic Astrology is rich in scientific content, apart from Philosophy, Literature etc. For several reasons of history, this aspect of Vedic Astrology along with a rich treasure of Upanishads which deal with Vedic techniques and which belong to the past Vedic ancient periods have been consistently neglected. As a result there was a breakage of tradition in the study of Vedic Sciences and their technical details. Even though only a small number of such books are available today, we can very clearly infer from that literature that the science and technology developed by those ancient Indians was perfectly Tension-free, Peace and Bliss.

Since the present day advancement of modern science is facing a lot of problems in controlling the human mind and protecting the life, today’s mankind needs a Spiritual vedic science, which can resolve these problems.

A sure hope in this regard prevails in the Vedic sciences and Vedic technologies of the ancient Indian Astrology. It is with the aim of bringing out the nature friendly Vedic Sciences and their technical details for the benefit of the humanity at large that this institution Vaiswanara Astrology Training & Research was started in 2008 with the divine command & Blessings of Lord Sri Hari.

Free Astrology Online Counseling Services

       This is a free online Astrological counseling service to help people who are suffering from the genuine problems. The People who are suffering from problem (Genuine) can send email along with Date of Birth, Time Of Birth and Place of Birth to below eMail ID


I will send reply after analyzing the Horoscope.

Birth Information

Provide Correct Date of Birth. (Don’t Provide Birth date as per School Records)

Birth Time (24 hours format)

Birth Place (also provide Nearby City or town name)

Elaborate your problem

Important Note:

This is not a commercial Prediction providing service. We analyze and provide services of the following genuine problems

  • Matitel Delay
  • Match Making
  • Health Disturbance
  • General Mind Disturbances
  • Muhurtha for Marriage & Upanayana

I will definitely respond to your problem if it is genuine. Please do not ask mundane questions.

Srikanth Dharmavaram


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